Publication ethics

All participants in the publication process must adhere to the standards of ethical conduct set out below.


  1. By submitting materials for publication, the author confirms that they are the original result of his own scientific work.
  2. All persons who have made significant contributions to the submitted research should be indicated as co-authors work.
  3. In the case of using the results of research and observations of other persons (other people’s scientific works, private consultations, etc.), the author is obliged to provide the appropriate links. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable.
  4. All used data must be provided with links to their sources.
  5. Copyright for published materials is provided in accordance with the norms of Chapter 70 “Copyright” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


  1. Materials offered for publication are subject to mandatory review. This helps the editorial board to make a decision on publication, and the author – to improve the quality of the scientific article.
  2. The reviewer must give an objective and reasoned assessment of the scientific article.

Editors’ Responsibilities

  1. The editorial board of the journal decides on the publication of the material, based on its scientific significance, originality and compliance with the subject matter of the journal, as well as taking into account the opinion of the reviewers.
  2. The editorial board provides qualified and timely reviewing of materials proposed for publication .
  3. The editorial staff welcomes a correct scientific discussion and is ready to provide researchers with the opportunity to publicly respond to criticism.
  4. In its activities, the editorial staff is guided by the COPE Code of Conduct and the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in relation to defamation, copyright , legality and plagiarism.